Easily Cancel All Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook
Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

While using Facebook, we sometimes send friend requests to many unknown or little known persons. It could be because you remember him from the long past. Or you are interested in that person thinking that he or she might help you with your career. Even it could be because you like him or her as a public figure. But unfortunately, he or she might not feel the same about you and can keep your request hanging. It hurts without any doubt. But it hurts more when you have to cancel those pending friend requests on Facebook one by one.

What Is Facebook Friend Request?

In this digital era, even for building a good career job candidates are advised to build a good social media connection. And social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in play an important role. Among all of those Facebook is much popular for its versatile contents and features. Nowadays, Facebook is so widely used that, now it became a very important format of digital marketing tools also.

Because of its versatile use, people try to connect with the persons whomever they feel important to them. So, Facebook has the option to send a connection request which they termed as a “friend request“. The process requires approval from both the party to be connected. Once you go to the people you may know area, you will get a lot of friend suggestions as below. Once you click on that Add Friend button, that would become a friend request.

People You May Know On Facebook - Tech Pantomath
People You May Know On Facebook – Tech Pantomath

What Is Pending Friend Request?

One person will send the connection request first. After that there could be three results as below –

  1. the opposite party might accept the request. In this case, you both will be able to see updates of each other if shared on Facebook,
  2. that person can just cancel the request. In that case, the connection will not be made and the friend request will vanish.
  3. the last option, the opposite party might do nothing. And your request can keep hanging there. That is the pending friend request.

Where To Find Your Pending Friend Requests?

To find out the pending friend request you need to go to this link. There you will see the friend request sent to you. But you are looking for the pending friend requests you have sent to others.

View Sent Requests On Facebook
View Sent Requests On Facebook

To find the pending friend requests you need to click on the red marked button named “View Sent Request” in the above picture. Or you can directly access this point by this link. That will take you to the list of pending friend requests that you previously sent to others.

Pending Friend Requests On Facebook
Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook?

To remove a friend request in PC you need to go to the pending friend request list as shown in the picture above. Then you need to hover your mouse for the drop-down list. Then you need to select the option “Cancel Request” as marked in the below picture.

Cancel Pending Friend Request On Facebook
Cancel Pending Friend Requests On Facebook

We all know the process of removing pending friend requests can be tiring. Removing a few friend requests is not so hard. But over the time the number grows slowly and the day you decide to cancel them, you might find a big list of 100 or more number of pending requests.

But Facebook doesn’t have any feature to cancel or remove more than one friend request at a time. You will need to do the above option for each request. Another way you will need to go the person’s profile you sent the request and cancel as per the below image.

Cancel Pending Friend Request On Facebook from profile page

Cancel All Pending Friend Requests With One Click (Using Script)

By following the below steps you can easily cancel all pending friend requests on Facebook with just one click. But you need to do these steps in any desktop PC with a chrome browser. This process was working until we were writing this article on 6th Jun 2020.

  1. You Need To Go To The Mobile Version of Facebook

    The mobile version of Facebook allows one-click to cancel a friend request. So, go to this mobile version link first.

  2. Scroll To Go To The Last Request

    After going to the link of the first step, you will see the list of pending friend requests in the mobile version. If you have more than 10 pending requests, you will need to scroll down to open up the later ones. Keep scrolling through and get to the bottom of the list

  3. Go To The Inspection Console

    To get to the inspection console in the chrome browser you need to press “Ctrl+Shift+I” buttons together or just right click on the page and select “Inspect”. From there go to the console tab.

    For Mac PC, you need to press  +  + J on Chrome. And go to the console.

  4. Copy And Paste The Script; Press Enter

    You just need to copy the below script and paste it in the console. And then press the “Enter” button in the keyboard. This simple script will press all the cancel friend request buttons for you at once. And you will remove all the pending friend requests you ever sent on Facebook in your life.

    javascript: var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_54k8 _56bs _56bt'); for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Though, it is not preferable to use scripts as those can be used to trick users and hack important data. But as per our study, this is a very simple script just to click all the buttons at one click. That seems pretty safe and works fine for what it is made. This process actually can save hours of boring work of removing friend requests one by one from Facebook.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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