How Long iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Will Be Supported

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How Long iPhone 6S Plus Will Be Supported
How Long iPhone 6S Plus Will Be Supported

After releasing on September 25th of 2015, both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus changed the smartphone game in the market. As these two majestic models, with similar features except the display size and the battery capacity, were loved by so many users. After releasing Apple sold 77 million copies of iPhone 6S and another 22 million copies of iPhone 6S. Apple discontinued both these models on September 12 of 2018. From then all are thinking about how long iPhone 6S & 6S Plus will be supported.

Why Need Apple Support For iPhones

First, we need to understand what is Apple support for the iPhones. Let’s check how they help the users or how much it is important. All the iPhone users might have noticed Apple release iOS updates every now and then for each of the models. There are quite a few reasons for these updates.

Bug Fixes

After each iOS upgrade, there are some minor bugs are found. Thousands of Beta users and the Apple experts keep checking and trying to solve those bugs. Some bugs cause security issues, some might cause a disturbance in some specific features or functions. Apple identifies them and solve them in the next iOS update.

New Features

Sometimes Apple adds some features to help out users in some specific cases. They add some new features and publish a new update with the bug fixes. For example, Apple is releasing an alternative option for the users of the latest models of iPhones who are facing difficulties with the Face ID feature.

Performance Upgrade

Some iOS updates are for some tweaks with the process management to improve the performance. Some updates help with battery efficiency, some with the camera or other functions performance.

Major iOS Upgrade

This brings the major change in the interface, performance, bug fixing, features, and many more. The last major iOS released is iOS 13. Minor updates are identified with adding some dots and numbers like the iOS 13.6 (is the latest beta release for iPhone 6S series).

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iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Will Be Supported By Apple Till 2021

Since we know what is the apple support means for iPhone 6S Plus. Now it is time to check how long iPhone 6S & 6S plus will be supported by Apple. As we mentioned, iPhone 6S was released in 2015 with the iOS 9, to begin with. Before that, all the models of the iPhone received at least 5 major updates. So, it is expected that iPhone 6S & the 6S plus will receive apple support till the iOS 14. The iOS 13 was released in September last year. We can expect the iOS 14 to release by September 2020. Though it might delay a bit considering the COVID 19 pandemic. That means before releasing the iOS 15 by the end of 2021, Apple will continue supporting the iPhone 6S series through the updates of iOS 14.

Apple Support Lifelines For iPhone
Apple Support Lifelines For iPhone

How Long iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Will Be Supported For Use

Considering the previous history of all the models of iPhone, iPhone 6S should still be worthy through the whole of 2020. If you check you will find the iPhone 5S is still performing just fine. Though the Apple support is stopped from 2018 still the phone is just doing fine. But if you consider it with the latest 2020 phones, you might expect more features that are definitely missing in iPhone 5S which was released in 2013.

Considering the hardware and the superior built quality of the iPhone 6S (released in 2015), the phone will keep performing whole through 2021 without any struggle. But it would be an injustice if someone still expect all the features of 2020 phones to be still there in iPhone 6S Plus. Still, many strong games and heavy apps will support iPhone 6S series with the latest iOS 14. But the restrain would be the 2 GB RAM that is preinstalled. The majority of the latest high graphics-based games will leave out the old phones like the iPhone 6S or 6S plus.

Finally, if we consider all the facts together, it is expected that iPhone 6S & 6S plus will be supported by Apple until 2021. And as a regular phone, you can keep using the phone for much longer even if Apple stops supporting iPhone 6S series. But not sure if you can keep the phone secured from any physical damage for so long. Good luck for those who are still using the iPhone 6S series in 2020 and have the plan of continuing.

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