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Importance of Your Mobile Phone Security

Mobile Phone Safety Concern

Importance of Your Mobile Phone Security
Importance of Your Mobile Phone Security

Our mobile phone is virtually the storage of ourselves nowadays. Everything we do and think of doing is related to our smartphones somehow. We access and store our private information like Banking information, Personal Identity documents, Personal images and many more things. So, our safety is related to our mobile phone security in many ways. You need to know the importance of your mobile phone security and keep precautions. Let’s discuss some of the scary dangers of your phone –

Dangers for Your Phone

Your Phone can be Stolen or Robbed

You might lose your phone if you leave it unguarded even for a few moments. Someone can be rob you at streets or any other places. Criminals can get hold of your phone and can blackmail you for your personal data or any other valuable information stored in the phone.


This is the most popular form of attack on your smart phone by the hackers. Some SMS or Phone call to your cellphone, you require to revert back with some action as their advise. They will try to convince you with a reliable story of their own. Once you follow and fell on to their trap, control of your phone can be shared. Same thing can easily happen if you click any unauthorized link which was contaminated and planned to trap you.

Carefully Sharing Phone

While sharing your phone with anyone for any purpose, you need to be very careful about the mobile phone security. Someone can steal your location information via your phone. Also they can use your important data for ill purposes.

Public WiFi or Network

Your phone can also fall into danger via wireless connection to any unsafe network like the public WiFi or any public networks. If you connect your phone to any unsafe network and the cyber criminals have their tools set there to access your phone, your privacy will be in danger. You might also become an easy Prey to Hacking.

Your Mobile Phone Security is in Your Hand

You can avoid majority of the dangers by following some simple steps as below –

Stay Aware of Your Phone

Wherever you are you need to be aware of the importance of your mobile phone security. Just being aware and being proactive you can avoid the majority of the dangers of losing your phone. If your phone is stolen or robbed, communicate with the local law enforcement agency to seek help. Keep your phone in a safe place when you are at home when you are outside making a good habit of checking the presence of your phone every few minutes.

Update Your Phone Regularly

You need to update your phone whenever there is an official update available. These system updates are not only for the features or the UI , Often they cover up lots of security bugs. Also they add lots of additional safety precautions time to time to keep your safe from outside attacks by Hackers.

Third Party Security Software

There are built in security features in your phone. Still you might consider installing third party software as Antivirus or Anti malware if you consider added security for your phone.

Avoid Installing Software from Unreliable Sources

Installing software from unreliable sources do make your phone vulnerable to external attack and risks your privacy. Do not Install any software from unreliable source. If there is any application already installed, delete that completely.

Do not Root Your Device or Jail Break

Rooting your device might open the door for lot of exciting features, it also opens the door for a lot of security dangers. Avoiding these actions and using only the official version of the system software will decrease the chance of security flaws.

App Locker

Using one additional application for locking your important data like SMS, Images, Videos etc. This is an easy solution for protecting the intrusion from the known persons around your day to day life.

Use a Strong Password

Above all, use a strong Password for Your Account Security & Data Protection . A strong password can protect your data security and the privacy. Even if you lose the phone still it is very important to protect your personal documents and information from the phone. Personal data in wrong hand can cause havoc to the life.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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