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Reasons to Use Apple Phones?

Why love iPhones ?

This is the debate going on for ages. Some prefer Apple products over Androids, some don’t. Apple products are exquisite, gorgeous & give that lavish feels. On the other hand, Android gives you hundreds of options to choose from and the freedom. There are so many points to debate in favor of both Android and Apple. We will discuss here the reasons to use Apple phones. Below are some reasons –

Taste of Design and Appearance

One straight forward reasons to use Apple phones instead of Android can be the specific choice of design of a particular person. Every man is unique and the taste of each is also unique. Some people find Apple phones much more stylish than Android phones. Also, the interface of the operating systems of Apple phones is much different than the Android operating phones.

Easy to Operate

There are many people who tried both the operating system, yet would vouch for iOS. Some like the straight forward way of iOS rather than the Android OS where there are too many options for them to customize and get the desired option.

Immunity to Malware

This is not entirely true but there is this myth that, iOS is immune to Malware attacks. Though the security of iOS can be considered much stronger than the Android in many ways. As the Android OS is an open-end application so, there is that additional risk of inviting unwanted apps or malware unintentionally.

Already Using Apple Products

If someone is already using an iPhone or other Apple product like Apple watch or Apple air pod there is a big chance that he or she will go for another Apple phone rather than an Android phone. Apple products sync best with the other apple products only. For many, this is one of the reasons to use Apple phones.

Longevity of Apple Products

The lifetime of Apple products is much more than those of the cheaper Android products. Apple has that tendency to provide updates and services for a much longer period than android phones. For example, after releasing on 2015, Apple iPhone 6s still worth buying in 2020. Thus there is a general notion that, iPhone will last longer than Android phones.

Resale Value

Resale value for the iPhone is much more than Android or any other phone. It is also much easier to resale an old iPhone than Android phones. So, for those who prefer changing phones frequently, considers the iPhone as a better option.

Specification and Performance Relativity

Often the high-end Androids with the much higher specification are not comparable to the older version of the iPhone. As the built quality, the performance of the chipset, processor or the other materials is so well synchronized it performs way better than it’s similar specs in Androids.

There could be many more reasons to use Apple phones. But it mostly depends on the personal choice and the priority of features.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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