AirPods 3 is a Failure or a Mis-timed Product?

AirPods 3
AirPods 3 is a Failure

In October of 2021, Apple released the Airpods 3 on the Global market with high hopes that it will create fresh sales for them. But unfortunately, it is a ‘failed product segmentation strategy’ till today in the eyes of the company’s sales & profits. Probably that is the reason for the recently reduced orders of AirPods 3 from its suppliers. They reduced the projection by over 30% for the second and third quarters of this year. They had to move back to safer numbers as the sales figures are not so hopeful. Some say the Airpods 3 is a failure. If they are right then why? We are looking for that answer.

Airpods 2 is still in the sale even after the release of Airpods 3. On the other hand, there is the Airpods pro in sales too. The interesting part is the price for Airpods 3 is in between the Airpods 2 & Airpods pro. It is obvious that the price of Airpods pro is much more expensive than both the Airpods 2 & Airpods 3 but the features are exclusive too.

So, if the consumers are up for the exclusive Airpods experience, they will go for the Airpods Pro. Whereas, those who want to save a bit of money & still go for an Apple product, have the option of Airpods 2. End of the day, Airpods 3 is in between and losing sales. Thus, making a well-balanced product Airpods 3 is a failure.

Apparently, there is a big possibility that Apple will discontinue the Airpods Pro before releasing the Airpods Pro 2. It is very important for Apple that, they learn from the mistakes & don’t make the same mistakes over & over again. Though Airpods 3 is a failure for Apple, it taught a good lesson for all the other high rollers in the market.

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Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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