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Custom-made Apple 5G antenna for the 5G iPhones

Apple to Develop its Own 5G Antenna

iPhone 12 to include Custom-made 5G Antenna
iPhone 12 to include Custom-made 5G Antenna

Analysts and tech experts have long been saying that 2020 is the year will be the year for the latest 5G network. Just about every flagship and plenty of mid-range and budget phones are going to come with 5G capabilities this year. Even Galaxy Tabs are also coming with 5G. So it would be a big drawback if Apple doesn’t embrace the latest technology. Apple planned to launch new iPhones this September. But the iPhone 12 could come with a brand new component that none ever saw before. Apple could use a custom-made Apple 5G antenna ready for 5G connections on this phone.

That news is according to the sources speaking to Fast Company. They could confirm that Apple wants to build its own 5G antenna rather than relying on the Qualcomm equivalent. Apple thinks it will be able to make the phone thinner as a result.

Apple also trying to reduce its dependence on third-party component developers from last year. The tech giant already develops its own processor chipsets for the iPhone with the A13 Bionic chip fitted inside the iPhone 11 range of handsets.

Challenges for Custom-made Apple 5G antenna

There are other risks of making its Custom-made Apple 5G antenna. As the custom-made Apple antenna, it fitted inside the iPhone 4 caused some users having problems with the network to receive calls. Another fact with the latest 5G tech, it is really important for Apple to make it right the first time.

Based on the report from Fast Company, Qualcomm’s antennas (QTM 525 mmWave) is too big for Apple’s slim industrial design they planned for the next model. Though, Apple yet not finalized that it will actually use its own 5G antenna for the 5G iPhones of 2020.

Apple doesn’t want to go with the Qualcomm antenna for two possible reasons. Qualcomm’s thick antenna would result in a thicker iPhone than Apple wants and also Apple will have to pay more royalties to Qualcomm if it uses those parts from Qualcomm.

As a result, Apple is working on the 5G antenna design for two possible outcomes – whether it goes with Qualcomm’s QTM 525 for a thicker iPhone or Apple’s own design for the slimmer model.

How Custom-made Apple 5G Antenna Would Work

A custom-made Apple 5G antenna would use a “phased array” antenna that uses two parts to form a signal beam. This beam would be able to be steered electronically. The challenge with creating a 5G antenna for mmWave is that they are more difficult to design due to the higher frequencies. And also there are tighter tolerances for manufacturing.

Time will say how Apple decides to go forward. But either way, Apple will not want to make any mistake while entering the new 5G technology market. So, they are super careful about every approach they make on this.

Written by M M Hassan

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