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Apple will Allow to Change Default App in iPhone

iOS 14 Might Allow To Set Third-party Apps As Default

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All iPhone users have one big complaint. Apple doesn’t allow users to change the default apps. Like you have to accept those default apps they provide for the web browser or other purposes. There are rumors regarding opening up iOS for iPhone and iPad users. Apple will allow to change the default app in iPhone and IPad OS.

This update might introduce even in the next update to iOS 14. Users will get the chance to select third-party apps as default apps. This will ensure the freedom for the users. That freedom was not there for long. After a lot of criticism Apple finally thinking about to change the situation. Some of our sources confirmed this news from Apple inside. But Apple did not publish anything confirming that yet.

With iOS, Apple may also open up its HomePod speaker to third-party music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Apple had to face a lot of criticism and even lawsuit also. The company has long been scrutinized for locking in its native apps as default without giving users the ability to change the default app on the iPhone.

Music streaming company Spotify even filed a complaint with the European Commission last year. They complain about Apple’s anti-competitive practices while operating the App services. Instead of trying to make their products better than the competition, they just pushing their products by using the unfair advantage of their platform. Apple also faced charges by the US House of Representatives antitrust panel in a hearing last year.

Late is better than never. If Apple decides to free the Apps for the competitive environment based on quality, It will be really great news for the existing and the new iPhone and iPad users. For many users, It could be another reason for using Apple Phones.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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