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Best Android Keyboard Apps 2022

Find The Best Suited Android Keyboard For You

Android Keyboard Apps

Nowadays, smartphones are the part and parcel of our life. We can’t even think of a single hour without smartphones. For instance, in almost everything we do with smartphones, we need to type in something there. Subsequently, our keyboard knows everything we type in including the password and all valuable communication with clients or partners. So, it is very important that we know about the best android keyboard apps out there. The best keyboard for android devices must be safe & have the best features included with it.

List of the Best performing Android Keyboards in 2022

Over the last few years, quite a few keyboards have done amazing improvements. And there are regular updates with the features and services. Among those keyboards, we will share some best android keyboard apps which people love for their excellent benefits.


Google keyboard was renamed as GBoard and released as iOS & Android app in 2016. This multifunctional app can work as your translator, search engine & many more along with the major functions of typing keyboard. Moreover, by using the Gboard keyboard app you will get a huge lot of extra features for typing along with those other services. In short, please find the below key benefits why we think GBoard is the best android keyboard –

  • There is a google search option in your GBoard keyboard word suggestion bar. For example, you can write down any organization name, a song, a hotel, or other terms & instantly you will see a lot of suggestions for that word. Subsequently, you can select the right option & tap the share button. Instantly that will paste the link into the conversation.
  • There is an option for searching and using GIFs and emojis. There are a lot of funny & interesting options to choose from. All you need to do is search, select & send. There is the Google search bar on top of that there is the option- search emojis. Type the search term, select from the options, and send it. It is so easy.
Gboard – Android Keyboard Solution
  • Selecting the text for editing or copying could be another issue. Hence, there is an option for trackpad mood in the Google Android Keyboard.
  • Alternative words or synonyms are readily available to use during typing. No need to check in the web or dictionary.
  • Google Translator is also added to this keyboard. All you need to do is – type the word/sentence, select the word/sentence you want to translate, press the G icon and choose translate.
  • If you use your Android phone for work-related communication, you might end up typing the same thing multiple times. Create your own text expansion shortcuts for these phrases in Gboard, and you’ll end up saving a lot of time.
  • There is a one-handed mood to type with just one hand whenever you are busy with another hand.
  • Moreover, you can change the theme & choose from a wide range of variety. You can choose a background from the Google suggested pictures. Even you can choose your own picture collections to set as the keyboard background. Tap on the G button, select the Theme button (the one that looks like a paint palette), select your theme, and you’re good to go.
  • Most importantly, all the other features like voice typing, gesture typing, capitalization shortcuts & many more are readily available in the Gboard keyboards to make it the best android keyboard of our choice.

Microsoft SwiftKey for Android

Microsoft also has its own keyboard app for android & apple devices named Microsoft SwiftKey. It gives you more accurate autocorrect and predictions by learning your writing style – including the words, phrases, and emoji that matter to you.

SwiftKey is an old competitor for smartphone keyboards and a fan favorite. Like GBoard Keyboard, SwiftKey uses gesture typing for easier and faster input by the user. It also has an aggressive and artificially intelligent autocorrect engine that learns the way you type and gets better at correcting your typos over time.

Swiftkey – Smart Keyboard Solution

Moreover, one very special feature that sets SwiftKey apart is its floating keyboard. Also, you can undock the keyboard, resize it and drag it anywhere on the screen to type. You can even enable a one-handed mode or turn it into a split thumb keyboard. These features are particularly useful on a larger device, such as a tablet or an iPad.

There are plenty of themes to choose from and customize, along with all of the features you would expect, including a built-in GIF search. While it’s difficult to find a third-party keyboard that doesn’t have auto-correction. Another benefit is if you sign in with a Microsoft account, your settings and preferences will be saved. Everything can be synced across whatever devices you own and use SwiftKey with.

Grammarly Keyboard for Android

Those who write professionally on websites, or work on any project reports for educational or professional purposes might be already well acquainted with Grammarly. For instance, Grammarly is an online service that checks your grammar as you type in any text field in your browser or on any writing pad. But when they introduce a keyboard app for you to write the most correct & influential content right from the keyboard app, that must be an amazing thing.

Grammarly Keyboard

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an English professor, writer, or somebody who writes occasionally, Grammarly Keyboard can come in handy for everyone. The keyboard keeps track of what you’re typing while you’re typing to ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct. And a recent update brought swipe typing, a feature that is already available on just about every other popular keyboard.

Which Android Keyboard App is the Best?

There are so many android keyboards available to choose from. Some have unique themes, some have unique features, some try to mix & match everything. But, as per our observation, the above three Android keyboards have it all. Eventually, you can easily choose the best option from the above based on your requirement. You can share which one you prefer in the comment section below.

If you prefer more features like emojis, themes, autosuggestionsGboardSwiftkeyGrammarly
If you prefer help with the writing quality & Grammatical accuracyGrammarlyGboardSwiftkey
Speed, Fluency, Personalization SwiftkeyGboardGrammarly

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Written by M M Hassan

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