Alternative Of Face ID Lock Released In Latest iOS 15.4! Happy Masking!

Alternative Of Face ID Lock
Alternative Of Face ID Lock

The alternative of face ID lock is needed because of the removal of fingerprints by apple in the latest devices. Since the COVID-19 situation is not a short time pandemic. And scientists are assuming that the pandemic can return even after this first wave. So, even after the lockdown is reduced still we might have to follow the safety procedures for a certain time.

With your mask on all the time, while you are outside, many struggles with the Face ID Lock operation installed in the latest iPhones. Apple came up with the alternative of Face ID lock for the latest model of iPhones.

Struggles With Face ID

As this Novel Corona Virus continues its terror all over the world, people are getting back to work slowly. As you can not just ignore all the necessities and can always stay home. And this Face ID Lock feature was such an amazing effort in reducing technology.

But now it seems a pain as while outside with the mask on it can not recognize you. To Unlock the phone, users need to open their mask. Thus they increase the risk of touching the face and getting affected by Coronavirus. And users have to keep trying and keep waiting until the iOS fails completely to recognize and ask for the passcode instead.

Who Needs The Alternative Of Face ID Lock

Let’s disclose at the beginning that, not every iPhone user is gonna need to find this alternative. As only iPhone X, iPhone XS, 11, 12 & 13 Series users have the Face ID lock in their phones. So, only these latest model Users are the sufferer of this issue. Also many already adjusted the Face ID Lock with the Face Mask on. They might feel like they don’t need the alternative of Face ID lock.

But, some struggled to set the Face ID with the mask. And some don’t want to compromise the security as Apple suggests Face Id with the mask on might reduce the iPhone’s ability to prevent the security breach. So, for them, Apple brought back this alternative security option.

Alternative Of Face ID Lock Released in iOS 13.5

Eventually, Apple came up to solve this issue for all the latest model iPhone users. They reduced the extra effort of trying and failing to unlock the phone with Face ID. It was first spotted on the latest beta version of iOS 13, there is a new feature added for the secured unlocking of the phone if the Face ID is not available or difficult to reach. Users of iPhone X, XS, and the 11 series owners were able to unlock their phones with just a single gesture.

All they need to do is swipe their phone from the bottom with just a finger. And that will take to the passcode screen. And that feature is added in iOS 13.5 with the additional option to open the face ID even wearing the mask.

Latest Alternative Option For Face ID Lock Released in iOS 15.4

The issues continued for the iPhone users regarding the use of FaceID because Apple continued to release new models without the inclusion of fingerprints. And after a lot of debate & discussions finally, Apple come up with an official alternative of Face ID lock in 2022 in the latest released iOS 15.4. Now you can officially use the Face ID with the mask on. The process is the same as you set the normal Face ID on your iPhone. Just, in this case, you have to put on your mask while you set the new Face ID.

So, this easy access passcode will let the latest version of iPhone users bypass the Face ID access problem. This alternative of Face ID lock will help to maintain the safety protocol for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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