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Refurbished Phone a Good Choice or a Dire Mistake?

Should You Buy Refurbished Phones ?

Should You Buy Refurbished Phone

It seems like, many blogs and websites are discussing this topic recently. Many curious about these refurbished phones which they see on eBay or Amazon with much lesser prices. Hence if you wish to buy a refurbished phone you should learn about that. First, you need to understand properly What do Refurbished Phone Means. You can read the article from that link to get a complete idea. Now, we will discuss the facts that may affect your decision of buying a refurbished phone.

Cost savings with Refurbished Phone

The primary benefit of considering a refurbished phone is cost savings. You can get a phone almost new with much less money than the new one. Hence there are grades for refurbished phones, you can easily check the quality of the phone. If the price considering the quality is reasonable, you can buy the phone.

If you choose the newer models, the price difference between a new phone and a Grade A refurbished phone will be very less. But if you choose an older model of phones like iPhone 6S you might get a very good deal. Price could differ at around $100.

Warranty for Refurbished Phones

Surprisingly “warranty” will still be there depending on who carried out the refurbishment process. Either the brand or the professional repairers. In most cases of manufacturer refurbishment, the phone is thoroughly tested for defects, the defects fixed, maybe even the cosmetic parts such as front and rear panels replaced, it is reboxed and sold as refurbished.

Seller refurbished phones are sometimes unreliable but you can’t go wrong with a manufacturer refurbished phone. In almost all manufacturer refurbished phones, they will offer you a three to six-month warranty.

Tests carried out by the seller typically include whether the battery charges and checking the buttons and cameras work. The seller will also verify audio quality and screen responsiveness, as well as how the phone connects to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Some refurbished phone sellers update the handset to the latest version of the operating system that powers it.

Updated Version OS

Sometimes, the renowned refurbished retailers do even offer the updated version OS with the refurbished phones. As the older models might face some limitations over time and newer version operating systems might even make those old models much alive. These retailers even offer updated OS services for a longer period than the original retailer.

Conscious Effects of Refurbished Phones

Seems like it has become a trend for the latest generation to change their mobile phone regularly. They try to stay updated with the latest technology. So, they prefer changing phones regularly with newer ones. So, every year millions of old phones find their way to the waste dumps. These old electronic devices spread radiation to nature. It is a very complicated process to neutralize the old phones for nature.

So, if we can reuse the old phones after refurbishing by the manufacturer this can have a much better impact in reducing these highly hazardous electronic waste dumps.

Should You Buy Refurbished Phone

If you’re on a budget, I think refurbished phones are a good idea to get a high-end phone at a low price. Just make sure it is a manufacturer refurbished phone with a warranty. Seller refurbished phones are sometimes unreliable. You have to check the trustability of the seller.

For example from Apple-certified retailers, you will receive a “like new” device that has been thoroughly cleaned, with a new battery and outer shell, and genuine Apple parts (if needed). The device will come with all accessories, cables, and operating systems. All Apple Certified Refurbished products are packaged in a brand new white box and will be sent to you with free shipping and returns.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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