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How to Maximize the Battery Life of the iPhone

Battery Life Optimization Tips for iPhones

Maximize the Battery Life of the iPhone

In this era of technology, so many unbelievable technological upgrades are happening every day. Still, some of the silly issues are not be solved. Maybe we should say, can not be solved completely. Such a problem is smartphones battery life issues. I don’t think only blaming the designers for developing slimmer phones is justified. Many wish a way out to find a way to maximize the battery life of the iPhone.

Though over time battery technology has improved significantly. The majority of the latest phones like the iPhone 12 now can last around 2 days for regular use. But many literally live on their phones and for them, battery life back up is like their lifeline. Stretching the charge to the optimum level is important for them. We will share some of the tips for iOS users to maximize the battery life of the iPhone. By following these tips the iPhone battery life can increase significantly.

Check the Details & Learn the Basic Battery Adjustments

First of all, you need to check all the details regarding the battery on your iPhone. To check that, go to Settings > Battery. You might want to change a couple of things in the settings there. You can toggle the Battery life Percentage switch. So, you can always keep track of your battery back up status.

iPhone Battery Details Interface
iPhone Battery Details Interface

You might think of changing the toggle button and switch on the low power mood. This feature would reduce power consumption by reprioritizing some of the OS functionality and visual effects. You would like this option if you have a long day ahead without enough power back up.

Form this menu you can also check the power consumption of all your apps in percentage. You can check if any of the consumption seems too much or abnormal. You might think of replacing the app with other alternatives with better power efficiency.

Avoid Extreme Ambient Temperature

Apple suggests you to keep your phone out of extreme temperature. It should not be too hot or too cold. The perfect range for your phone to perform is 16° to 22° C. Exposing your phone to higher temperature than 35° C might permanently damage battery capacity. Charging the device in high ambient temperatures can damage it further.

Perfect Temperature range for the Battery of Apple Devices
Perfect Temperature range for the Battery of Apple Devices

Background Apps and Behind the Scene Functions

We always look for convenience while using mobile phones. So, the phone manufacturers also bring new features to make the mobile phone user experience flawless. As a result, more and more background operations are needed to smoothly run the functions. It is painful to lose your valuable battery life for some actions you don’t even intend to do.

Background App Refresh interface
Background App Refresh interface

For example, someone might be less interested to check the emails every now and then. Then there is no point refreshing your mail app every few minutes. To adjust how frequently iOS fetches new messages for your mail app, navigate to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. At the bottom of the screen, you can schedule when to refresh for new messages. This will only ping the server when you open the Mail app.

Fetch new data iOS interface
Fetch new data

Similarly, someone might not be interested in refreshing the maps or news apps while they are not even using the mobile. But all the apps in the background do consume power. So, all unnecessary apps can be toggled off to refresh automatically. Or you can reset the refresh time limit from the apps.

Location & Display Features

Some of the apps recommend seeing your approximate location to perform accurately. So the apps will use GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots and network towers to gather that information. Thus consumes battery power unnecessarily. Go to the location Settings > Privacy > Location Services and adjust as you feel suitable for you.

Location Services interface for iOS
Location Services interface for iOS

If your display is too bright, the battery life can be drained faster. You need to set the brightness as dim as you can comfortably get by with. Brightness can be quickly adjusted by swiping up from the bottom of the screen although, for more precise control, head over to Settings > Display & Brightness. You can also set the brightness to auto adjust to avoid any difficulties in the outdoor light.

Display & Brightness Menu in iOS
Display & Brightness Menu in iOS

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Volume & Vibration, Voice Control Siri

Even turning down the volume a few ticks while watching any video or listening to music can further extend your battery life. And if you want to get much ahead with these, disable vibrations in Settings > Sounds. This might not save al lot but every little bit helps!

Sound & Vibration Settings
Sound & Vibration Settings

You might also think of switching off the Siri. If you are not much into using it. In the background, it also consumes battery power.

Siri & Search interface
Siri & Search interface

Wifi and Bluetooth Optimisation

These wireless technologies have changed our life. We no longer need to use wired headphones. We can use our home internet through Wifi. But these also consume a huge amount of power. Especially when we are not using them but not switched them off. In the Background Bluetooth or the wifi, programs keep looking for the option to connect and consume much power. If you switch it off from the quick access menu it will be off temporarily and will switch back on after a while. You need to switch it off from the Setting > Wifi.

Animated Wallpaper or Screen Saver

This might sound silly but your animated wallpapers or the themes also consume much battery life. Which may hurt your other purposes when you are struggling with power. So, if you are not too much into those Eye Candy settings, you should use a static wallpaper if you’re trying to improve your battery life. Visit Settings > Wallpaper then tap Choose a New Wallpaper and select a still image rather than a dynamic or live wallpaper.


This is the most interesting part. For many gaming is the reason they want to save power. Funny fact, gaming consumes the most CPU power. Subsequently drains the battery power also. Anyway, you might check the setting of the game you are playing. If there is the option you can reduce the graphics quality. Your game experience might reduce a bit for the lower graphics. But it will reduce the pressure on the CPU. Thus will allow you to play for a longer time.

Will it Really Improve Battery Life?

Yes, it will definitely maximize the battery life of the iPhone. These tiny tiny power savings do helps a lot altogether. But you may not choose all the options altogether. You can use the options suitable for you. Still, it will help to improve your battery back up as much it can save. You can also check the tips from Apple also from this link.

Written by M M Hassan

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