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Samsung Galaxy Home Mini to be Released in Korea

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini with the IR Blaster

For a while now, it seems like Samsung’s Bixby-powered smart speaker would keep existing as under development. Hence, it was first declared more than a year ago, in 2018. In the same declaration, the Galaxy Note 9 was announced and it is already aged in the hand of consumers. Earlier, Samsung Korea accidentally posted a report consisting of an announcement for the Galaxy Home Mini. Though Samsung Korea posted the article, eventually they took it down.

Before they took it down, we could take a peek. Samsung’s Unpacked event will take place in San Francisco on this mid-February. According to the post, Samsung Korea will introduce the Galaxy Home Mini for the Korean market the very next day. Samsung could fix the price around KRW 99,000 (~$83)

Samsung wants to make the Galaxy Home Mini a bit different with IR remote control capabilities. It can be a bit complicated to adjust volume or switch tracks using only voice commands. And some customers might prefer a more classic way to control their entertainment. So, Samsung believes this IR control would offer an option to them.

We all know, Samsung announced but delayed the Galaxy Home at least a couple of times. Most provably to further refine the Bixby, its in-house voice assistant. Samsung wants to be very careful with this new product type. They don’t want to rush and make this a mess.

The announcement from Samsung Korea mentioned for Korea only. We wonder when Samsung decides to release the Galaxy Home Mini for the Global market. We hope to hear some acknowledgment about the release date of Galaxy Home Mini at the Unpacked event next week.

Though many think that, Samsung is entering the smart speaker game too late. As both Google and Amazon have entered the market long ago. They also have a strong presence in the market of smart speakers already. So, the big question – is there enough room for this new platform of smart speaker to enter the market.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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