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Future Apple Pencil to Have Touch Gesture

Touch Gesture Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is the best companion with the iPad. Since the iPad failed to impress the market like the iPhones or the AirPods, features with apple stylus helping iPad to make it special. It is one of the most used styluses out there with some regular gestures like the double-tap on the pen. Based on the latest news that published from the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple will come with the next-generation Pencil. That will be able to do more advanced gestures.

The source describes a new apple pencil with a flexible, touch-sensitive spot that can identify different gestures based on your fingertip placement. The swiping gesture could be one of them.

The source also shared a possible new feature. When a user will hold a pen won’t be using the other hand to interact with the screen. So instead, the swipe and touch gestures might be used in the pen. So the user can control everything that is on the tab screen using just the stylus pencil.

Another more interesting feature described the Apple pencil will have a camera in the tip. And an advanced Haptic touch engine that will simulate the natural feelings of drawing on paper while working on the tab. This will be able to capture different types of surfaces using the tip camera. Then display those surfaces on the iPad’s screen when drawing with the stylus on that.

Written by M M Hassan

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