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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 worth the update over Mi Band 3 ?

Smart Band Comparison

So many people are now in love with fitness band from various brands for keeping the track of the fitness data. It also help to maintain phone notifications and many more new functions to help with daily functions. Among all the brands one of the most popular and best selling smart band was Xiaomi Mi Band 3. After the announcement of Mi smart band 4 in 14th Jun 2019, all the smart band lovers had the biggest dilemma of their life. Specially those who were already using Mi band 3 and was in love with it. Confusion is all around, is it worth to update to Xiaomi Mi Band 4 from the band 3. We will discuss the facts below –

Built Quality

Built quality is premium as the mi band 3 as expected. But the band quality is slightly improved in mi band 4. But overall everything is very similar from the outside. You can even use your mi band 3 straps for the mi band 4.


Mi band 3 had 0.78 inch OLED display. But Mi band 4 comes with a much better 0.95 inch AMOLED display. Considering the display quality Mi band 4 will give you much better experience. Display are is increased but the watch size is almost the same. Mi band 4 have better visibility in the day light and it has the full color display. Where Mi band 3 had black & white display.

Watch Faces

Mi band 3 had only 3 fixed watch faces. But in the Mi band 4 you can use variable watch faces. You can even download many beautiful watch faces from internet.


There are quite a few new features in the mi band 4. You can now control music remotely in your mobile phone from the mi band 4. Sensors are much more improved in the mi band 4. So all the fitness data you will receive is more accurate in mi band 4.

Battery & Connectivity:

Though the battery capacity is increased in Mi Band 4 but the lifetime will be quite similar. Mi band 4 have a 135 mAh battery where Mi band 3 had a 110 mAh battery.

Mi Band 3 used Bluetooth version 4.2 where Mi band 4 used Bluetooth version 5.0 which is much faster and the Bluetooth range is also more.


If you think about the price, Mi band 4 is slightly higher in price than the mi band 3. Global version mi band 3 price is around $25-$28. Where global version mi band 4 prices are around $35-$38. Chinese version bands will cost you a little less, around $5-$8. Considering the price mi band 3 users will be tempted to update, but let’s check if the updates worth the price.

Considering everything, if you are looking for a moderate price smart band you should think of updating to Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as the user experience will be much improved. But if you want a fully functioned smart gadget with better budget, you might think of other smart watches like Amaze fit GTS or Verge Lite, Galaxy watch or Huawei Watch GT etc.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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