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Samsung Galaxy A51 Ready to Launch

Samsung Galaxy A51 Coming to the Market

After being loved by the consumers of Samsung’s Galaxy A50 last year, it was obvious from Samsung there will be follow up device for that mid range super hit. Samsung will release the latest series Galaxy A51 on February 2020 . People all over the world was eagerly waiting to see what features Samsung added in this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51

It is really important for the mid-range phones to be competent at what they do best but at the same time need to give that win-win feel to the consumers for that money they spend. Samsung Galaxy A51 will not frustrate the waiting consumers who loved A50 and willing to explore the latest series A51.

It brought back the notched selfie camera into the display. It is a bit larger than before. On the backside of the phone, there is a much better camera arrangement. Samsung added an attractive prism-inspired design to give you the best photographic experience.

The Galaxy A51 is slightly heavier than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy A50 but you will feel lighter when you place that in your hand. This will be obviously among the lightest 6.5-inches available in the market.

It will be available in the market in a variety of colors. It will include Black, White, Blue, Prism and a sweet pastel pink.

Some features haven’t changed from A50. The battery will be a 4,000mAh unit with 18W of fast charging the same as the A50. Which is not among the fastest charging speeds, even if considered within Samsung’s collection.

If compared side by side with the still popular Galaxy A50, the Samsung Galaxy A51 can give two special improvements. One is the new slick design and the other is the new cameras with much better specs. The latest main camera is a 48MP (with f/2.0) unit in place of the old 25MP (with f/1.7), 12MP (with f/2.2) ultra-wide module will replace the 8MP f/2.2 one, and a 5MP dedicated macro camera. On the front there will be an updated 32MP f/2.2 selfie snapper, upgrading from 25MP f/2.0 unit.

The chipset on this phone is also slightly improved. The chipset Exynos 9611 does match the 9610 with almost all spec for spec. But it will have the support for higher-megapixel updated cameras (64MP).

The latest Galaxy A51 will also be on the Android 10 with One UI 2.0. Though the Galaxy A50 is in line to receive via an update, but still not updated.

Luckily for the consumers, the price will remain as competitive as that of the Old Galaxy A50’s. Though Samsung released the A50 in March of the last year 2019. Customers will be able to get the 128GB Galaxy A51 with 4GB of RAM for under $400.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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