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iPhone 12 Leaked Specifications 2020

iPhone 12 Specifications

After the massive hype over the last Iphone model 11 Pro max, now it is time for the Iphone 12. Apple will release the iPhone 12 in 2020 without any doubt. All Eyes on the Apple what new features they are going to introduce this time. Some of the leaked information we will let you know today –

Leaked report sates the latest iPhone 12 will offer similar size and look. The 5.4-inch model will be in between the old iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 in height. While the mid range 6.1-inch model will be sized somewhere between the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max. We are expecting the high end biggest 6.7-inch variant will be taller than the latest Iphone 11 Pro Max.

Leaked report also published the thickness figures for the iPhone 12. The biggest 6.7-inch iPhone will be 7.4 mm thick. Which is pretty slick and considerable decline from iPhone 11 Pro Max thickness of 8.1 mm .

Apple might also make use of the extra footprint by introducing a much bigger sensor for the main camera on the rear comparing with the previous 11 Pro Max. Though it is not common for apple to change the lenses setting within less than 2 years.

Without any doubt iPhone 12 will have the 5G compatibility. Considering so many phones are already having the feature in the market. Some debate is going on with the possibility to include new lightning charging platform. Apple was talking about that feature over and over.

New iPhone 12 might have the 5nm A14 Bionic processor inside. Which means for the users it would have even longer battery life and much more power than ever before. That would be the best iPhone battery life we’ve ever seen from Apple.

Sources also suggest the RAM could vary between the new models. But we are expecting 6GB RAM for the iPhone 12 rather than the 4GB RAM as the previous models.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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