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Folding Smart Devices to be Released in 2020

Folding Devices 2020

Only a few companies in 2019 believed the world needed folding smart devices with bendable screens and worked on to develop to fulfill that need. Though the only visible outcome was the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It was a failure but interesting enough to bring the attention of all the tech giants. Quite a few devices with folding displays are expected to be out on the market by 2020. Let’s see few of the Folding Smart Devices –

Motorola Razr Fold

Motorola Razr Fold

Many of us will never forget that stylish folding smart devices released on 2004 as Motorola Razr. Motorola planned to regenerate that popular model with the new bendable display option. This was planned to be out in the market by early 2020, but so far there was not much of an update from the company and does not seem likely to be released before the mid-year. Those who are waiting to revive that old Razr feel have to wait a bit. As per the news, this phone could be much expensive like $1500.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Update

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

After the epic failure with the Galaxy Fold in 2019, Samsung is planning to give another attempt to this folding smart devices with a bendable display. So the updated version is also planned to be released by mid-year. Though there is no news of any major changes in the other specs from the previous Galaxy fold, there is certainly better full-proof technology that is going to be used for the bendable display this time. Other features will be announced soon but the price range will not be much high this time considering the latest technology being used. The price range could be around $900.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Companies like Samsung don’t lose hope with failure. Rather they come back more strongly. Samsung not only planned the Fold 2, but there is also another exclusive model with flip is coming up. Samsung Galaxy Z flip will fight hard with the Motorola Razr Fold to bring back the memory of 2005. Galaxy Z Flip is all about its design. When folded, it is far more compact than any modern smartphone. Which is making it far more pocketable and portable.

Though, the need for an external display over the top of this type of phone is crucial. Bringing back memories of a decade ago, the external screen lets you check who is calling, see missed notifications and even shoot photos although that last bit is a little challenging. We might see this amazing piece very soon this year.

Microsoft‘s Dual-Screen Tablet Phone

Microsoft Folding Tablet Phone

October last year, Microsoft announced about a special folded tab to be released in 2020. Though the display is not bendable like the above folding smart devices, you can open both the folded displays which are physically separate but can be used as one screen together. This android powered phone will change the gaming experience and will bring a new dimension. Though the screens will be separated with a thin border, still many cool things can be done on the attached big screen. The price is still unknown.

Lenovo‘s Flagship PC

Lenovo ThinkPad Fold

This expensive piece of technology will cost you around $2499. With its bendable display and other exclusive features will generate much premium experience than the other likes of the surface pro. This ThinkPad has a bendable 13.3-inch screen with high quality 2,048 x 1,536-pixel count. It can be used as a tablet if you unfold it all the way. If you fold the PC halfway, the top half becomes a display and the bottom half becomes a virtual keyboard.

Of course, there will be many more bendable devices to come in the future as this is the new trend. Also, the prices will come down when there will more devices to compete with each other.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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