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Buying iPhone 5S in 2020! Is it any Good?

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S

After releasing it in 2013, Apple sold 52 million copies of the iPhone5S. The iPhone 5S was Apple’s first smartphone with the Touch ID fingerprint home button and a 64-bit processor when it launched in 2013 seven years ago. There will be no more iOS updates for this pocket gem. Would it make this an obsolete phone? Buying iPhone 5S in 2020 will it be any good? Let’s check an old review first to get the features this phone include.

Apple iPhone 5S Review

The iPhone 5S maintained almost the same external design as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. but the iPhone 5S had upgraded the internal hardware significantly. It introduced the A7 64-bit dual-core system-on-chip. And It was the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor. Also, It was accompanied by the M7 “motion co-processor”.

A redesigned home button with Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition system. That can be used to unlock the phone and authenticate App Store and iTunes Store purchases. The camera was also updated with a larger aperture and a dual-LED flash optimized for different color temperatures.

The iPhone 5S was discontinued on March 21, 2016, and succeeded by the iPhone SE, which continues the same form factor but features vastly upgraded internals similar to the flagship iPhone 6S. If you’re in the market for an iPhone that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand you either have to go for the slightly newer iPhone SE from 2016 or settle for the cheaper 5S.

Is the iPhone 5S Still Good?


iPhone 5S in Hand

The iPhone 5S maintained a similar design to the iPhone 5, with a 4 inch (10 cm) LCD multi-touch Retina display and a screen resolution of 640×1136 at 326 PPI. This display quality will amaze the viewers till today. Its home button had been updated with a flat design using a laser-cut sapphire cover surrounded by a metallic ring. The phone itself is 7.6 mm thick and weighs only 112 grams. The phone uses an exclusive aluminum composite frame. Compared to something like the Galaxy S5 or LG G3, the iPhone 5S is miles ahead when it comes to design.

General Performance

With its powerful chipset and the processor, iPhone 5S is still pretty good for all the regular works we do with our smartphones. You can use the majority of the apps on your phone. You can use this phone for texting, calling, web browsing, listening to music or any other works you need for your daily life. But don’t even think about playing recent heavy games. Anyway, those will not support it. With the last 12.4.5 update, iPhone 5S is still pretty much alive.

Pictures and Videos

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years. But considering the price, the iPhone 5S still gets the job done with good results. It has an 8 MP, f/2.2, 29mm (standard), 1/3″, 1.5µm, AF and a 1.2-megapixel front (selfie) camera, both with LED flash. Furthermore, it can shoot HD video at 1080p. It is the first iPhone with both a low light mode and a panorama mode.

These camera specs might not mean much nowadays, but what it means it is a camera that can still shoot pictures and videos that you won’t be embarrassed to post on Instagram.

iPhone 5S Camera Review

A wide Range of Available Apps

Since the iPhone 5S got the update to iOS 12, most of the interesting apps from Apple Store will run perfectly on it. This includes professional apps like those for banking and transportation. You can use all the entertaining apps in your iPhone 5S and manage social media needs. This small device with just a 4-inch display will allow you to do all the regular works you do with your phones.

Limitations Of iPhone 5S In 2020

iOS Updates is Discontinued

Because of its 64-bit chipset and powerful processor, it supported updates till iOS 12. It was the longest (6 major updates) for any iPhone model to continue receiving iOS support. As there will be no update for this model anymore, it would be difficult to continue using this phone. Over time, many of the Apps will be obsolete and will not work on this phone.

The iPhone 5S is packed full of great features, but there are also a number of things that you’ll get on newer phones that aren’t available. You’ll have to do without Touch ID, 3D Touch, stereo speakers, live photos, wireless charging, and much more.

Battery Back-Up

With its Non-removable Li-Po 1560 mAh battery (5.92 Wh) you can not expect to go long. As you will most probably use the high-speed internet and this old phone will drain out battery like nothing. So, iPhone 5S in 2020 will make you struggle with the battery.

In Brief: iPhone 5S is Still Good In 2020

As long as you considered the price, the iPhone 5s is the best you can do. If you’re only looking for something to just start on with iPhone. Or if you want something to last you for a while until you upgrade to another model which is more current, it’s a great choice.

Though the exclusive design structure of this device makes it look pretty modern. But it really is not. Seven years is a very long time when it comes to smartphones. If you’re in the market for a phone for rough use or just to use for regular works like chatting, browsing, emailing, listening to music or the other features, You can think of buying an iPhone 5s in 2020.

But as this is no longer sold by Apple, you might buy a refurbished phone or 2nd hand phone. As long as the quality is good you can go for a 2nd hand phone or the refurbished version of this phone. You can manage an iPhone 5S by $50-$100 based on the condition of the phone. This is really a very cheap price considering the exclusive features it is providing.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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