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Interesting Facts of Apple’s Latest iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 Complete Configuration Details

Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020
Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020

The 1st generation iPhone SE was such a love. Those who loved that 4″ pocket bomb could never really pass that. This rumor was ever alive among the iPhone lovers that another version of iPhone SE to be released in the market by Apple. These rumors were strongest from the beginning of this year when there were those leaks suggested iPhone SE (2nd Generation) to be released by March 2020. But because of the COVID-19 issues, the whole process got delayed. Finally, Apple released that long-awaited phone by the name iPhone SE 2020 and we will share all the interesting facts about it.

iPhone SE (2nd Generation) Or iPhone SE 2020 Or iPhone SE 2

Apple named this model also as iPhone SE too as the old model. If required they compared this model as the new iPhone SE vs the old iPhone SE. But some forums and tech websites are very adamant to use the name iPhone SE 2020. Some even used iPhone SE 2. Whatever the name, the phone is released in 2020 and the model is the successor to the old iPhone SE without any doubt. Apple is recommending this phone as an update even over the iPhone 8 or 8 plus. So, you already can guess the exciting features of this phone. We will share the interesting facts of iPhone SE 2020 in detail.

iPhone SE on Apple Website
iPhone SE on Apple Website

Compact Design And Color

Though the old iPhone SE was with just 4″ display and was in the same dimension of iPhone 5S. The new iPhone SE took a similar dimension of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The front panel consists of a 4.7″ display that was a bit unexpected for recent phones. But what made a big surprise is the thick bezels on the top and bottom of the display. Right from the 2016 smartphones brought into 2020 by iPhone SE. This is considered as a big set back by many.

iPhone SE With Durable Glass and Aluminium Design
iPhone SE With Durable Glass and Aluminium Design

The top & bottom bezel is identical to iPhone 8. The top bezel features a cut out for the front camera, speaker, and the light sensor. Home button integrated with second-generation Touch ID covered in the sapphire crystal is added in the bottom bezel. It’s all-glass body like the iPhone 8 used a seven-layer ink process to give that rich depth of color. A matching aluminum band holds together the glass display with the glass body. The look and the feel are so compact that they will please you instantly. Colors available for now are White, Black and the Product (Red)

iPhone SE 2020 Colors
iPhone SE 2020 Colors

The back panel of the iPhone SE has a single-lens rear camera, a secondary microphone, and a single LED flash. The right side of the phone has the sleep/wake up button. And on the left side, there is this regular mute switch and the volume buttons. At the bottom, there is the lightning port and the speaker holes. No audio jack as the recent phones and you have to rely on lightning or Bluetooth headphones.

Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 Dimensions & The Weight

Though It is one of the smallest of recent iPhones, but still much larger than the old iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE shares a design similar to the iPhone 8. Even the cases designed for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 will work for the new iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE dimensions are as below –

  • Length 138.4mm (5.45 inches)
  • Width 67.3mm. (2.65 inches)
  • Thickness 7.3mm (0.29 inches)
iPhone SE 2020 Compared to iPhone 11

The Weight of the new iPhone SE is only 148 g (5.22 oz) which is the same as the old iPhone 8. Even with its specs similar to the iPhone 11 to weight the same as the old iPhone 8 is really amazing. Those who don’t like to feel the weight on the pocket would definitely love this lighter weight phone with heavy performance.

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Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 Display

As we described, the new iPhone SE is identical to the iPhone 8 because of its dimensions and the 4.7-inch display with thick bezels at the top and bottom. This same structure actually saved a lot of manufacturing costs for Apple. That might have helped with the price of this 1st ever budget iPhone.

Retina IPS LCD Display, 16M colors

Though the expectation was a bit higher for the resolution it’s 4.7″ Retina IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. But the resolution is 750 x 1334 pixels with a 16:9 ratio. Which is equivalent to 720p whereas expectation was for 1080p view.

HD Display of iPhone SE 2020
HD Display of iPhone SE 2020

Still, iPhone SE can play HDR10 and Dolby Vision content. Though it does not have an HDR-ready display. But it can down-convert the HDR content to fit the display while still having some enhancements to dynamic range, contrast, and wide color gamut compared to standard content.

True Tone

But the good thing is Apple doesn’t frustrate. The iPhone SE does support the feature True Tone. This feature can detect the lighting ambient in the room by using the light sensor. By adjusting the color temperature and the intensity it can match the light for a more natural paper-like viewing experience. That helps to reduce eye strain.

Haptic Touch

Though this new iPhone SE has the dimensions of the iPhone 8. But there are so many features from the high rolling iPhone 11 series. While the iPhone 8 supported 3D Touch, the iPhone SE offers the same Haptic Touch functionality available in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

This Haptic Touch has the functions much like the 3D Touch and for many of the similar tasks. You can access Quick Actions on the Home screen, expand the notification options, activate the flash on the Lock screen, preview the links in Safari, and many more. You can even access extra features in Control Center.

Water and Dust Resistance

The iPhone SE includes the IP67 dust and water resistance rating. That means it is entirely dustproof and able to withstand one meter of water (3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

Splash Proof iPhone SE 2020
Splash Proof iPhone SE 2020

Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 A13 Bionic Chip

The biggest selling point of iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is the inclusion of A13 Bionic Chip. The same chip that is used in all the iPhone 11 series phones. This lightning-fast A13 bionic processor is capable of delivering the fastest experience possible. It is much faster than the A11 chip used in iPhone 8 or earlier phones. A13 Bionic chip will also provide you with such exclusive camera experience that can only be possible from flagship phones.

Mighty A13 Bionic Chip On iPhone SE (2nd Generation)
Mighty A13 Bionic Chip On iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

There is an 8-core Neural Engine in the blazing fast A13 Bionic chip. That provides the fastest real-time photo and video analysis capability. A pair of Machine Learning Accelerators allow the CPU to run up to six times faster. And delivers more than 1 trillion operations per second.

The Neural Engine can power the camera system, augmented reality apps, and more. Additionally, there is a new Machine Learning Controller to balance performance and efficiency. That will ensure heavy performance with efficient battery management.

Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 Camera

Considering Apple’s price strategy, this iPhone SE (2nd Generation) is a low budget phone without any doubt. But the features they mixed up are no way close to cheap. Though for the price they could afford only one camera at the back same as the iPhone 8. But with the A13 Bionic chip, the performance of this camera is very close to the performance of the iPhone 11 series. The only limitation is the resource as iPhone 11 series phones had 3 cameras at back.

Rear Back Camera

At the rear back panel, the 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture has optical image stabilization, wide color capture, and next-generation Smart HDR for improved highlights and shadow details. Apple says with that combination of hardware, it is the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone.

For example, it is possible to take portraits using both the back and front camera on the iPhone SE. You can take a portrait with Portrait Lighting effects and the ability to control the depth of field because of the performance boost by the A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone SE also performs with Smart HDR for bringing out the highlights in faces.

iPhone SE High Definition Video Recording
iPhone SE High Definition Video Recording

The new iPhone SE can shoot 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. And the 24 frames per second and 30 frames per second are also available options alongside 1080 and 720p shooting modes. Extended dynamic range support is available in the iPhone SE for video up to 30 frames per second. Optical image stabilization is also available in this mood.

Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhones first introduced the feature named QuickTake Video. This feature is also included. So the users are allowed to capture quick videos by holding down on the camera button when in photo mode.

QuickTake Video On iPhone SE
QuickTake Video On iPhone SE

Existing regular modes like slo-mo videos (1080p at 120 or 240 fps) and time-lapse videos are also available on the new iPhone SE.

Front Facing Camera

In the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) it’s 7-megapixel front-facing camera features an f/2.2 aperture. Also with Portrait Mode and Depth Control support system generates the perfect selfie despite the lack of a TrueDepth camera system. To cultivate this feature, Apple uses machine learning and monocular depth estimation with the power of the A13 Bionic chip.

This front-facing camera of the new iPhone SE supports QuickTake. It is the first front-facing camera to offer the feature on any iPhone. Even 1080p HD video can be recorded at 30 frames per second. There are many more features like Retina Flash, auto image stabilization, Burst Mode, Auto HDR, and wide color capture, etc.

Portrait Mode On The Front Camera of iPhone SE

iPhone SE Brought Back The Touch ID

Though the latest iPhones are now offering all-glass design with the Face ID detection. But for this budget-oriented model, Apple opted for the home button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The home button is covered with an impervious sapphire crystal. You can use this button for unlocking your phone, approving the payments or the app purchases in the apple store, filling in the passwords, and for confirming the Apple play transactions.

iPhone SE Touch ID
iPhone SE Touch ID

Though the Touch ID button was brought back to cut down the cost. But it has a very interesting and unexpected benefit considering present situation. Because of COVID 19 situation, many are being ordered to wear face masks in public. You can still easily unlock your new iPhone SE without having to take off your mask at all. Whereas your Face ID won’t work with masks.

Moderate Battery Life Of The iPhone SE 2020

Because of its smaller dimension like the iPhone 8, the battery size is also small and the capacity is the same as the iPhone 8. With this non-removable Li-Ion 1821 mAh battery (6.96 Wh) you can survive through your day you are a sedate user. Considering the general situation, the iPhone SE’s battery lasts for up to 13 hours of video playback, up to eight hours of streaming video playback, and up to 40 hours of audio playback.

But considering its heavy performance ability because of its supreme A13 bionic chipset, there could be so many heavy apps you can use in this device. Hence, that will drain out the battery faster.

Battery With The Fast Charging On iPhone SE
Battery With The Fast Charging On iPhone SE

Fast Charging

The new iPhone SE supports fast charging. That means you can charge it to 50 percent battery life in just 30 minutes. Fast charging requires a USB-C power adapter that offers at least 18 watts and a 29/30W power adapter from Apple.

The new iPhone SE ships with a standard 5W power adapter and USB-A to Lightning cable. The USB-C power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable that is needed for fast charging must be purchased separately. That will cost you an extra $49.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone SE has a glass body with a built-in wireless charging coil. It supports Qi-based wireless charging and compatible with any 5W or 7.5W Qi-based wireless charging accessories.

Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 Connectivity Features

Dual-SIM Support

Considering the need to maintain the work-life balance the new iPhone SE supports Dual-SIM. So you can use both your personal sim and the official sim together on the same phone. For this Dual-SIM functionality, there is one physical nano-SIM slot. For another sim, you have to use the eSIM option.

The eSIM feature is available and becoming popular in many countries around the world. You can get the full list of carriers that support eSIM on the website of Apple.

Dual-SIMs work with select carriers in Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, the UK, and the United States.

Bluetooth and WiFi

The iPhone SE supports the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. It offers a much longer range with faster speeds for larger broadcast messages. It also offers better interoperability with all other wireless devices if compared to the previous Bluetooth version 4.2.

This phone also supports WiFi 6 with 2×2 MIMO, aka 802.11ax WiFi. And WiFi 6 is the latest WiFi protocol that lets you download up to 38 percent faster than the previous version WiFi 5 (aka 802.11ac).

Gigabit LTE

The new iPhone SE supports the Gigabit-class LTE with 2×2 MIMO and LAA like the iPhone 11. As the iPhone 11 it also supports the same LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 29, 30, 66, and 71 FDD‑LTE bands and 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 46, and 48 TD‑LTE bands.


NFC with reader mode is included in this phone. And there’s a background tag feature added that allows the iPhone SE to scan NFC tags without the need to open an app first. This phone also supports Express Cards with a power reserve. So, it can be used in the absence of any transit card on public transit. Surprisingly it will continue to function even if the battery is dead.

iPhone SE includes support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS location services with the latest version of the applications.

Sensors- No Surprise

There is a Fingerprint sensor (front-mounted) to help you with all the locking and unlocking features. As usual, there are other sensors like the accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass, and barometer. It also includes Siri natural language commands and dictation the same as the iPhone 8.


In the box you will get the below accessories with the phone –

  • iPhone SE with iOS 13
  • EarPods with Lightning Connector
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Documentation
 In The Box Of iPhone SE 2020
In The Box Of iPhone SE 2020

Release Date And Price Of iPhone SE 2020

This new iPhone SE directly replaced the iPhone 8 series as the 13th generation of the iPhone. Apple announced the release on April 15th. Pre-orders began on April 17, 2020, and the phone was subsequently released on April 24, 2020. Apple launched the iPhone SE in the United States and more than 40 other countries and regions as the start. It released 3 versions for different markets.

A2296 for Global market
A2275 for the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
A2298 for China

The iPhone SE starts with 64GB of storage for $399. But if you upgrade to 128GB of storage it will be $449 and if upgraded to 256GB it will be $549. 

iPhone SE (2nd Generation) customers can also get it for $9.54 a month or $229 with trade-in from AppleCare+ is available for the iPhone SE for $79 or $3.99 a month, and Apple also offers an upgraded $149 plan that adds coverage for theft and loss.

iPhone SE 2020 is The Best iPhone For The Beginners In 2020

Especially for those who still have not started using iPhones, this could be there best choice to start with a budget iPhone. With this budget iPhone of moderate price but extreme performance would definitely make you a fan of iPhones. If you are an Android user and don’t know for sure if you should start using an iPhone you can check the Reasons to Use Apple Phones. And if you are convinced, you can buy this best iPhone for the beginners in 2020.

And if this $399 budget iPhone is still an expense that you can not afford for a new phone, you can choose to buy a 2nd hand or refurbished iPhone 6S or 6S plus that worth your money. You might even get a 2nd hand or refurbished iPhone 6S plus less than $250 dollar.

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