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Smartphone Features Not Used Enough

Avoid the Wrong Uses of Smartphones

smartphone features not used enough
smartphone features not used enough

Following the revolution in the smart tech industry, smartphones nowadays are like surprise boxes. So many new features are being added regularly. Based on our expectations and requirements, new updates are coming. The customized OS and exclusive apps are making us dependent on our smartphones. There are some basic smartphone features not used enough.

Saving Multiple ID for Facelock or Fingerprint Lock

many of us save only one finger for the fingerprint lock. But there are options to save multiple fingerprint IDs. For the best service, you should save at least two fingerprints – thumb and index finger from each hand of yours. Thus it will help you unlock or use your phone even when your one hand is busy or wet.

Typing on the Default Keyboard One-handed

The world has passed the era of 5.5inch mobile phones. Now, most of the phones are between 6-7 inch and you are provably handling one such. While holding your phone with one hand if you are struggling to reach the button of the other side of your phone’s default keyboard. This is one of the basic smartphone features not used enough.

So many functional keyboards are available for both android and iOS. You can just choose one from there and start using the one-handed option of the keyboard. Keys are brought closer and reachable positions to type one-handed on your smartphone. You can easily toggle between this one-handed keyboard and the default keyboard whenever you need it. You can even choose the swipe keyboard option for faster typing in one hand.

iPhone users can also enable a one-handed mode as below. Head to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and toggle Reachability, after which you can swipe down near the bottom of the screen (iPhone X or newer) or double-tap the home button for older iPhones when to activate the mode.

It’s a little more fragmented for Android users (and Pixel phones don’t offer the feature at all) – but in general, you can head into Settings > Advanced and look for “one-handed mode” or similar. Or can choose a suitable keyboard app from the Google Playstore with the feature available.

Avoiding Notification Crowd On The Notification Window

We love to install new apps with unique features for different functions. While installing the app we allow the apps to send us to push notifications whenever they wish to. As a result, at the end of the day, we get unnecessary notifications on the screen. This hinders the attention to our work, interrupt our regular activities of life.

For a better experience, we must not allow the apps to send us to push notifications if that is not required for the core function of that App. For Android and iPhone users, head into Settings > Notifications to see what options you have.

Battery Protection From Overcharging

We often love to charge our phones at night. Before sleeping, we plug in our phones to the charger and pull it off in the morning. As result batteries are charged to 100% long before the morning and stays connected with the charger. Your phone’s battery won’t overcharge if it’s left plugged in, it will trickle charge as it dips below 100 percent, warming the battery.

Many love to browse the web or Facebook, even play games while charging the phone. These also heat up the battery. While you might enjoy the 100% charged battery but eventually battery loses the battery life.

So for the solution to this problem, charge your phone during the day so you can unplug it at night. And pull your phone off the charger when it hits 100 percent.

iPhone owners can make use of the Optimized Battery Charging setting. As your phone learns your routine, Optimized Battery Charging will delay charging past 80 percent when it predicts the phone will be connected to a charger for an extended period of time, like when you charge overnight. And, the feature is smart enough to top off your battery, so your phone is at 100 percent when you usually wake up. Optimized Battery Charging should be on by default. But you can double-check by heading to Settings > Battery.

For Android phone owners, you can download a battery monitoring app, like Battery 100% Alarm (free on Google Play). You set the app to let you know when the charge level reaches a level that you set.

Learning all the best practices for your smartphone is really important. That will save you time and effort. You should also learn all the cool things your phone can do. And more importantly, make sure there are no basic smartphone features not used enough. Then you can check out the hidden android features that you should not miss.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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