Next Generation 6G network with Lightning Fast Speed

6G Network with Lightning Fast Speed

How fast is your internet network? Are you happy with it? I guess not. Surely the majority of the parts of the world still do not relish the 5G network yet. But researchers are already working their way to the next generation 6G network system. Though many consider the Satelite phone as the next technological revolution.

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology recently started initial preparation. And experts involved believe speeds can up to 8,000 times higher than the current 5G speeds.

6G is already in development through research and analysis. Experts confirm theoretical speeds of next-generation 6G networks can go up to 1TB/s. According to sources from the working group, 6G can achieve unbelievable speeds of around 1TB/s. Quite a few dozens of researchers and experts are on the job. But we are still years away from practical deployment. Just to give you the idea, the 5G network we are still trying to implement, the development started in 2008.

As 5G goes hand in hand with IoT, or at least it supposed to, the 6G era will most likely give us a whole new perspective of connectivity once again.

Clearly we are far away from the establishment of the wireless 6G network. Hence the specific use of such high-speed networks is also unknown. Still, according to those early estimates, this next-generation 6G network will let you download 45 to 60 movies in the highest quality 4K content on your mobile device within a second.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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