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Satellite Phone is the Future

Satellite Phones are Getting Popular

Technology is changing everyday. Though we may not feel the change directly but it is changing. Another technological surprise is the satellite phone. Eventually it could be the new trend as there are some unique benefits for the satellite phones.

Benefits of Satellite Phone

Functions of the Satellite phones are pretty similar to cell phones (e.g. iPhone 6S or Galaxy A51 or latest Galaxy A71). However, whereas regular cell phone uses network towers. These towers are based on land to relay conversations. On the other hand satellite phone utilizes satellites to relay conversations. There are various advantages to satellite phones over some other types of phones –

Unlimited Coverage

In many rural areas it is very difficult to set the network tower. Even some of the places are impossible to get regular network from the towers. In those places satellite phone is the best solution. As mobile satellite phones rely on the satellites that are in orbit, subsequently they can provide more network coverage than regular cell phones can. Because of that satellite phones can be ideal for places where regular network is difficult to get. Also where people might need emergency service, such as in the sea, hill tracks etc.

Immune to Natural Disasters

As mentioned above, satellite phone don’t need the physical network towers.  So, they are unaffected by natural disasters. Rather they rely upon satellite signals. Whereas natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes can damage the landlines and cell phone towers needed for regular phone communication. But that concern of disruption doesn’t exist for satellite phones. Hence, rescue forces and other emergency forces usually carry satellite phones so that they can call for back up.

Single Phone Number

People who need to travel frequently to abroad, often needs to use different sim every time. They usually collect new sim in each country. Thus, they have to update the new numbers to others. Otherwise they stay unavailable to the people at home. However, satellite phones removes that problem. And makes it simple by letting keep the same number.

Though the satellite phone is still a bit more expensive but it is getting popular day by day because of it’s reliability and usefulness.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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