How to Speed up Slow Android Phone

Slow Android Phones can be Faster

How to Speed up Slow Android
How to Speed up Slow Android

The first step to boost up your slow android phone is to identify the reason behind the slowness. There could be many reasons behind the old phone getting slow day by day. To identify the reason behind the slowness of your phone you need to follow the below steps. We will explain step by step how to speed up a slow android phone.

Learn Your Phone

First, need to know your phone. Need to know the capabilities and the weakness of your phone. So you can check what are the reasons applicable for your phone. if your processor is slow, ram is not enough for the type of operations you try in your phone, memory is too full, the system is not updated, too many apps or any other reason.

Steps for Boosting the Speed of Slow Android Phone

Restart the Phone

Before doing anything you might think of restarting your phone. By doing that, you can clear up those background apps which were running and absorbing the processor capacity.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Try to uninstall unnecessary apps from your slow android phone. Each app takes away space from Ram and consumes the processor capacity. Some might even run continuously in the background even when you are not using it. Thus your phone could act pretty slow. You can check which app consuming the most power from the app management software available in google play store. Some phones might have those options in the built-in app manager. So, uninstalling heavier apps or power-consuming apps can speed up your phone.

Update to Latest Android Version

Check if any Android system update is available or due. Cause these updates often contain genuine bug fixes and performance enhancements for the phones. Make sure you update to the latest version possible for your phone.

Keep Enough Free Space

Try to keep enough free space for the phone. Delete unnecessary apps, files, images, videos to free up spaces. Try to use high-quality memory cards for high-speed reading and writing. If the space on the phone is too low, this might slow down all the process to convert your loving device to a slow android phone.

Remove Live Wallpaper or Animated Widgets

Avoid any live wallpaper or any animated themes as these also consume processor capacity and thus slows down the phone. You should not use too many widgets, remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen as these run in the background thus slows down the phone.

Rooting Your Device or Using Factory Data Reset

If any of the above doesn’t work, you might think of the last two options as rooting your device or using the factory data reset. You can root your slow android phone based on your requirement or using a pattern. Before rooting your device you must learn about the risks and the drawbacks too. Factory data reset is the safer option obviously, where you can wipe off all your data, apps, and settings and start from the beginning as the new phone.

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