Why Old Phone is Getting Slower

Old Phone Getting Slow

One common complaint about almost every smartphone user is that the phone is getting slower day by day. It is aging like the way animals ages and die. Though it is really frustrating to see your loving expensive phone getting old and slowing down, it is absolutely a normal (unfortunately) situation. There are quite a few reasons. Some are controllable by you, some are not. You need to consider all the important facts you need to know before buying the phone. Let’s check the major reasons for slowing down –

System Update Slows Down Phone?

The system update is the biggest culprit for your phones. When your phone is new it is really useful to get the latest system updates which bring the latest features, new looks in the appearance and many more bug fixes and performance updates. Since the system updates are often targeted based on the latest phones which have superior hardware to improve the performance, often these updates backfire in the older phones. As the old hardware can not cope with the latest system updates, thus often result in slower performance or other complications.

Also with the latest system updates, manufacturers often input new software or bloatware which takes the space on the phone, works in the background as additional processes and you feel the phone is getting slower.

Too Many Apps Slows Down Smartphones?

Installing too many apps can slow down your smartphone. As more apps take more storage space. With less space, your phone might perform poorly. But the biggest challenge the processes run by the apps in the background. That takes up the space of RAM and your phone will slow down. Even can get hanged from time to time if the processes are too much heavy according to the hardware capacity of your phone. Most of the cases older phones tend to have more apps as we keep using them and keep installing new apps from time to time.

Low Storage Space Causing Trouble?

If the storage space in your phone is very low that might prevent or slow down many processes in the background. That could make you feel like your phone is getting slower. For the operating system to perform perfectly you need to keep at least 30% of your memory free so no process is stopped for space.

Once you know the reasons, you can work on to hinder the slowing down process. Also, you can learn How to Speed up Slow Android Phones. Though nothing can give you the same speed as the new one.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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