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iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 – Apple Already Started Production

iPhone SE 2 Trial Production Started

There was this rumors about the smaller size iPhone with home button. As people all over the world still can not forget the love of iPhone SE. That small pocket bomb was a pure love. Though Apple just reported record sale last quarter of 2019. Still there are people looking up to the updated version of iPhone SE.

As a result, rumors of a successor of the iPhone SE is going on for years. But this year rumors are much stronger about a possible iPhone 9 (with the design of the iPhone 67, and 8).

Some reports cited in China, the iPhone SE 2 is already under trial production. Report also claimed the model is possibly named as iPhone 9. Also, we are expecting Apple to release this model by March 2020. The supply chain preparation suggests the total order volume might exceed 30 million units.

As the bulk production will possibly start on mid February. This could be out in the market by March 2020. That is to say, iPhone 9/SE 2 will have exceptional appeal to the emerging market. Price would possibly be in the range of $400-$450. If you can recall the iPhone SE price back during the release was $399, it is a pretty good price range to be.

Most importantly, people looking up to the features Apple offer for iPhone SE 2. The features need to be unique. Also the cameras need to be updated enough. Moreover, the design of the phone must be special enough to entice iOS users to switch from an iPhone 8.

From previous reports, iPhone 9 might use the A13 Bionic chipset from iPhone 11. Also will provably use the chassis-standard 4.7-inch display.

Whatever the way Apple plan for this iPhone 9/ SE 2, all are expecting a huge sale for the model. Let’s wait and see.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer


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