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Cool Things You Can Do with Smartphones! 6 Cool Options

Be Cool Using Your Android

Things You Can Do with Smartphones
Things You Can Do with Smartphones

Nowadays the majority of people are addicted to their phones. More specifically, they are in love with their smartphone. In every aspect of life, we are using smartphones. These are like our digital personal assistants. To get a much more customized look and features many thinks of Rooting their device. There are some other cool things you can do with your smartphones without rooting that you might not know.

Alternative TV Remote

Remote App in Smartphone
Smartphone as TV remote

You can use your phone as an alternative TV remote. If your phone has the infrared blaster to pass the signal you can easily use the phone as a remote for your TV or any other remote-controllable devices like the Air Cooler or the smart home appliances. Some phones might have the built-in remote app, but for the majority of phones, you will have to install third-party remote apps from the google play app store. The good news is if your phone won’t have the TR bluster. You can buy third party IR bluster from AMAZON or Ali Express which you can plug into your android phone and enjoy the benefit of an additional remote in hand for your TV.

Scanning Bar Codes & QR Codes

QR code Scanner app in Smartphone
Smartphones scanning QR and bar codes

Smartphones can be used for scanning the Bar codes and QR codes. For that, you just need to download any suitable QR Scanner from the google play store. Using this excellent feature you can share contacts, can do trading in the digital market, and can scan codes of any product to get the details engraved in the code.

Smartphone as Compass

Compass in Smartphone
Smartphone as Compass

If you love roaming and adventure, then your android device has a feature that you will find useful. Many of us don’t know about all the various sensors that our phone has. Your Android device knows the way up or down, Also knows north & south. You can always download various apps from Google Play like the Smart Compass or Android ITS Compass. It is free to use and can be used for your phone to navigate you anywhere.

Smartphone as Measurement Tape or Speed Gun

Measurement app in Smartphone
Smartphone Measures

Anyone can download apps like Smart Distance from the Google Play store. This app can enable your smartphone to measure distances between two objects or the width or height of it. There are other apps like the SpeedGun app which can measure the speed of a moving object and many cool things you can do.

Type with Swipe and Gesture

Swiping Keyboard in iPhone
Swipe Typing

Just think when your one hand is busy eating snacks or something, wanna type something fast while holding your phone strongly? Swipe typing is your option then. All you need to do is swiping your finger from one letter to another while the keyboard will determine the word for you. Apple phones have this feature built-in and many cool things you can do. Many Android phones also have this feature built-in too. No need to worry if your phone doesn’t have this feature built-in. You can always download and install similar apps from google play store.

Your Fitness Companion

Fitness App in Smartphone
Fitness by Smartphone

Your smartphone can be your best fitness companion. If you are much into exercise like walking or running, your phone can help you to track all of those activities. Also can guide you by providing the relevant information like the calorie consumed or how much need to be burned. You can also connect your phone with other fitness smart gadgets like the smart band, smart scale, or other smart exercise tools. All the information will be stored in your phone by syncing the gadgets with your phone. There are many apps in the google play store to analyze and guide you to your required fitness.

There are many more cool things you can do with your smartphone. For that, you just need to download a suitable app from the play store. For example, there is Google Map to be your digital guide. Also, you would be able to control all the future smart home devices with your smartphone.

Written by M M Hassan

Technical Blog Writer

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